History is always more fun if we can make it come alive, and help people understand it with a 'local' lens. Mapunity's India Heritage Documentation Project does just that.
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The livelihoods of hundreds of millions of people are directly dependent on the prices they can get for the crops they've planted. Mapunity's CropMarket platform helps track the fluctuations of these prices daily.
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Traffic and Transport

Cities everywhere are struggling to cope with their traffic problems and to help people move around more easily. Mapunity's Traffic Information System can help visualise, understand and manage urban mobility.
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Managing A City

Water supply, power, transport, education, ... so many things have to work together for a city to be socially and economically vibrant. The first step is to bring them all together into a single City Management System.
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Digital Citizenship

It is the Age of Information, so can we put the tools of the new economy to use in increasing the depth and breadth of our engagement with our governments? Become a NetCitizen.
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Public Health

Keeping ourselves healthy is the first step to all the other things we want to do in life. Mapunity's health information technologies promote your personal health, and also help the public health system.
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Law & Order

An efficient police force needs to keep an eye on the bad guys and their various illegal trades, and help citizens stay safe. With spatial technology and collaboration tools from Mapunity, this job is a lot easier than it used to be.
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Mapunity and ZED Foundation are collaborating to build T.U.E. - an environment portal to promote at-home solutions for efficient use of energy and water, and to help manage urban environments more responsibly.
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Mapunity and Nimblekits together are building a hosted technology platform using that brings the power of information technology to school administration- from admissions to graduation, let IT help your school.
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Mapunity provides technology consulting to a research initiative at IIM Bangalore, to study how much of a family's income and assets are accessible to the woman of the house.
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Local Economy

These days, not only countries, but cities too must sharpen their economic competitiveness. Mapunity's Competitiveness Intelligence Tool can help the world your city economy's strengths.
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Market Research

Every organisation needs to constantly understand its market, and its effectiveness in reaching that market. Marketmap by Mapunity is a quick-start platform for gathering and analysing data.
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Mapunity develops technology to tackle social problems and development challenges. Our GIS, MIS and mobile technologies are used mostly by government departments and civil society organisations, and in the R&D initiatives of commercial ventures.

  • The second iteration of our CropMarket platform - now includes visualisation of the data from mandis across the country. Both spatial and temporal visualisations are available.
  • Mapunity and Imagine Bangalore are collaborating to document the heritage of Bangalore online, and building social networking tools to crowd-source information for the site. Similar platforms for other cities are in the offing.
  • Mapunity has developed technology to help Retina India and other organisations match visually impaired students with Scribes and Readers to assist them with reading and exam-taking. Visit for more details.